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Portugal, Braga, Underground Parking

Underground Parking, Braga, Portugal 
Domenii de aplicare
Injectarea rosturilor de expansiune
Heavily leaking expansion joints on underground car parking underneath external garden and the building walls. First the joint was sealed with KÖSTER KB-FIX 5 and injected with KÖSTER IN 7 to stop the running water and create a temporary barrier. After the injection only small areas where still having drops of water and the concrete beams remained wet. After the injection the applicator used unwoven oakum and soaked it with a solution of 50/50 water and KÖSTER PUR Gel, and stuffed the pieces into the expansion joint to create an elastic sealant inside the joint. Afterwards, the concrete beams and surrounding walls were mechanically cleaned and then primed with KÖSTER Polysil TG 500 followed by 3 layers of KÖSTER NB 1 Grey. In the end the last layer was hardened with KÖSTER Polysil TG 500. The applicator left the site for 3 days to allow the full curing of the materials. After 3 days the joint flanks where cleaned and prepared with KÖSTER FS Primer 2K and lastly the expansion joint (3 cm wide) was sealed with the joint sealant KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS-V Grey. 
Produs aplicat
KÖSTER 1C Injection Pump - Pompă pentru materiale monocomponente
KÖSTER FS Primer 2C - FS Amorsă 2C
KÖSTER IN 7 - Spumă poliuretanică elastică pentru injecţii
KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS-V grey - Etanşant rost FS-V gri
KÖSTER NB 1 Grey - NB 1 Gri
KÖSTER Polysil TG 500
KÖSTER Pur Cleaner - Soluţie curăţare poliuretan
KÖSTER PUR Gel - Gel poliuretanic de injecţie
KÖSTER Superpacker
J. Prudêncio Lda 
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